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I worried about whether or not I would drink alcohol (extra calories).I was also afraid I wouldn’t be able to find anything remotely healthy, so I brought a lot of my own snacks.I finally feel like I am in a place where I actually understand the meaning of balance, or at least what balance looks like to me.

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That was probably the year I was also getting comments from close friends and family that I was getting “really skinny” but brushed them off because I didn’t feel like I looked any different.

I was just eating healthier and working out was all.

I brought some go-t0 healthy snacks like energy balls, carrots, hummus… I distinctly remember packing that bag of cabbage strips, telling myself, “This will be a good snack.” I snacked on those cabbage strips and told myself I was being healthy.

That I was basically a better person for choosing to snack on cabbage instead of grabbing something (much less healthy but way more delicious) from the hotel bar.

But back then I was worrying about everything from how much food I ate, what kind of food I ate, and how much I got to exercise in a week.

I wasn’t really living much because all of my spare thoughts revolved around food and exercise.

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