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Members can browse the site, post a profile, and include a photograph for free!When the member's search identifies someone he or she would like to contact, they can upgrade to a Gold membership and send email, instant message and chat online."What a Membership Includes A paid membership offers the standard dating site services, such as the ability to create a profile (which is lengthy because most questions require an answer), contact other members through chat, email or instant message.They estimate the substitution rate and the dates of all ancestral nodes.

There aren't a lot of extra features over at that I say honestly say you'd want to sign up for - in fact, after it's initial heyday, I'm a bit surprised it's still around.

It's a straightforward site with steady user numbers (hovering around the five million mark for years, now around eight million), but little terribly new or exciting to check out.

However, their sign up process takes longer than any other dating site in the largest dating sites category - save e Harmony, which takes more than an hour because of its personality matching questionnaire.

Overview"is an online dating community dedicated to helping over 8 million members develop the right relationship for them since 1997.

Using simulated data, we show that their estimation accuracy is similar to that of the most sophisticated methods, while their computing time is much faster.

We apply these algorithms on a large data set comprising 1194 strains of Influenza virus from the pdm09 H1N1 Human pandemic.

With rooted trees, the former is solved using linear algebra in linear computing time (i.e., proportional to the number of taxa), while the resolution of the latter, constrained setting, is based on an active-set method that runs in nearly linear time.

With unrooted trees the computing time becomes (nearly) quadratic (i.e., proportional to the square of the number of taxa).

Again the results show that these algorithms provide a very fast alternative with results similar to those of other computer programs.

These algorithms are implemented in the LSD software (least-squares dating), which can be downloaded from this web page, along with all our data sets and detailed results.

The toolbar also alerts users immediately when they receive an email from another member.


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