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We exchanged a few messages on the site and he told me that he was widowed, having lost his wife and daughter in a terrible car crash.

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One guy reckoned he was in the US army and a sent a photo of the overall supremo of the American forces in Afghanistan claiming to be him.

Apparently, there is a website, where when you get contacted you can look up the scammers asthere is a record - people add them on it so you can check their aliases and photos.

On delivering what I thought was going to be a blow to Charlie, he said "Ok, but I wanted to ask you a favour." He went on to tell me that he was involved in an emergency situation with his work, and he needed funds to pay for a flight so he could go and carry out his charity work. She helped me block his number and delete my email account, and with that, as soon as he came into my life, he was out of my life.

I told him I couldn't help him, and he started to rant about how he was a good person, and the world so cruel etc. I told him again "I can't help you" to which he replied "Ok, thanks."I called my daughter in a state and relayed everything that just happened and she reassured me that he (if he was a he) was most likely someone sat in front of a bunch of computer screens with many, many accounts, who was most probably saying the exact same things to a hundred other people. I like to think of myself of those people who fall for scams.

So my biggest tip to you is to keep communicating on your dating site for as long as possible. Only this weekend, my daughter found out her 13 year old stepson was on a very dodgy chat site, and thought he had met a girlfriend there.

Don't give out your details too soon and let them do their job so that you can rest assured that not every person you meet on a dating site is out to scam you! His father spent hours explaining the dangers, and eventually his son began to believe him.

Very sad and I often wonder if he did eventually meet someone for real.

I too wrote to someone a friend of mine asked if I would write to a soldier her 'boyfriend a Dr in the American army had a few friends who were lonely , so though I was not looking for anyone I did not mind befriending a lonely soldier in Iraq.

The emails flew back and forth, and I felt myself becoming attracted to this man.

We had some things in common and he was attentive, flattering, intelligent and interesting. I thought it was all a bit soon but when he sent me a link I felt this pang of "ahh I don't want to offend this man" - after all he'd been through a lot in his life, and I didn't want to upset him.

I've been single for a little time now, so, as my friend has had some good results with it so far, she persuaded me to try online dating.


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