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New voicemails include: accidentally sending screenshots of texts with your girlfriend back to your gf. Chick lied to her boyfriend about not liking oral sex.Throwback questions include: Best fat athlete of all time. Defining "hook up." Real life video game power-ups.You know people are going to tune in to see Honey G and Sandra’s make out session. For the porn parody of ‘Gogglebox’ aptly called ‘Gobblecocks’, click HERE.

Voicemails include: Spitting in your girlfriends mouth. Would you rather cure cancer, prove aliens are real, or prove ghosts are real? The Yankees are dead and KFC is all in on the Houston Astros. KFC and Feits come to you live from a hotel in Boston.

Feitelberg is coming off of a weekend bender, getting denied at airports bars.

Falling for star quarterback Drew Baylor is certainly not on her to do list.

Confident and charming, he lives in the limelight and is way too gorgeous for his own good.

Should I send a nine year old with cancer a picture of tits? Neighbors giving you a bucket of beers for you to pay forward to the neighborhood.

Part 1 of the Stranger Things 2 recap with KFC, Feitelberg, Trent and Robbie Fox. SPOILERSKFC, Feits, Trent and Robbie 1st discuss Season 1 overall and how everyone is sick of Barb. Papa John's is now blaming Colin Kaepernick for declining sales.

The scene shift to Chicago, why episode 7 sucked, Eleven's new look, the bus scene, Bob and the Demadogs, Eleven's search for her mom, is Billy the new Barb?

The weird sports montage, the smoke monster, the Snowball, the giant spider and predictions for season 3.

She also added that she’d love to date a celebrity and it looks like her dream could come true (kind of), as Sandra Martin from ‘Gogglebox’ has said that she wants to be Honey G’s girlfriend.


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