Florida law mandating reporting child abuse

A mandatory reporter is required to give his or her name when making the report.The name is kept confidential, but is entered into the record of the report.Therefore, in Florida a health care provider may not report domestic violence without informed consent, even if the victim admits to it.

Florida Statute 790.24 requires any physician, nurse, or employee of a hospital, sanitarium, clinic, or nursing home treating or receiving a request for treatment must report immediately to local law enforcement any gunshot wound or life-threatening injury indicating an act of violence.

Any person willfully failing to report such treatment or request therefor is guilty of a class A misdemeanor, punishable as provided in Florida Statute 775.082 or 775.083.

However, the names of the reporters cannot be released to parties outside of DCF’s child protection team, hotline, law enforcement or the state attorney’s office without the reporter’s written consent.

As a mandated reporter, you are required to report all allegations of child abuse, abandonment or neglect, not just allegations of sexual abuse.

Florida law specifies that some occupations are required to report it.

These occupations are considered "mandatory reporters", and include virtually all health workers.Most injuries associated with domestic violence are less severe and not covered by 790.24.A competent individual has a right to privacy and self-determination.Everyone is mandated to report suspicions of abuse, abandonment or neglect upon a minor.Reporters are generally not required to provide their name unless they are in certain occupations set forth in Section 39.201, Florida Statutes, which includes physicians, teachers, social workers and mental health professionals.The health care provider should adhere to their facility policy and procedures when counseling a victim of domestic violence.


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