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She is always looking to land that one person who may be reluctant to come before the cameras, like Robert Plant, lead vocalist and lyricist for Led Zeppelin.

“Robert Plant does not do interviews,” said Martin.

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Then in college they swapped numbers again but it wasn’t until April 2007 almost a decade later that Kevin told Jill that he was coming hometown for the weekend and from there things started to excel.

That was the time Kevin parted from his girlfriend and gathered all the courage to tell Jill how he felt about her. After dating for four years, they decided to tie the knot.

Martin spent eight years in Miami covering the Dolphins and the Heat.

Her loyalties were divided in 2003 where, as a reporter covering the Florida Marlins, she came to New York for the World Series and saw the Yankees lose.

But when she asked him to do “Gimme a Minute,” he said yes.

“I told him it would be a huge coup for me so he felt like he was in on it,” she said, with a laugh.Martin always dreamed about working at Madison Square Garden. As a broadcaster for MSG Network, Martin covers home games for the New York Knicks, doing pre and post game interviews with the players.She also has made her mark with her “Gimme a Minute” segments where she grabs one of the many celebrities at the game and conducts a fast-paced sixty-second interview courtside during halftime.She’s also a sportscaster and has won New York Emmy Award for it four times.She is a Fashion Contributor to the TODAY’s show talking about the entertainment stories of different sorts and latest fashion trends.Her guests have included John Mc Enroe (with Martin above), Magic Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Paul Simon, Ron Howard, Spike Lee, and many others.

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