Feminism theory and interracial dating Free adult cam 4 chat

From these ‘learned’ women we have nothing but the usual ‘complaining’ about the wider system.

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They can imagine bw living a life outside its boundaries.

Those unwilling to separate bw from the community role and community locating contribute to her oppression.

I like to read these types of blogs to get an idea of what other black women are saying in the blogosphere and to get a feel of the pulse of a certain segment of black women.

The author’s post, “The primary reasons why BWE are the real champions of black women,” caught my eye.

Paula Giddings’ When and Where I Enter (I strongly suggest Halima Anderson reads this book to understand how extensive black female activism on behalf of their fellow sisters has been) is a damn good example of how consistent black feminists and womanists have been in standing up to the black patriarchal community and to whiteness. is another classic example of black feminists and womanists coming together to criticize and work to dismantle the black patriarchal system set up to keep black women and children in subjugation.

Maybe Anderson is unfamiliar with the likes of blogs such as What Tami Said, Womanist Musings, Shark Fu at Angry Black Bitch, What About Our Daughters, Siditty, etc.

Or perhaps my assessment of our community’s notorious behavior of blaming victims of rape, incest and child abuse.

She’s also unfamiliar with the likes of New Black Man, who has also challenged the damaging myths and prevailing attitudes about black masculinity and its affects on the community at large.

So each day the situation gets worse and the black woman is at the point that she rises daily and wonders, ‘who is going to trash my image, today? The post in its entirety is worth the read, even though it’s highly and blatantly inaccurate and filled with lies.

This post is so inaccurate that it’s almost laughable and unworthy of the attention I’m about to bestow upon it.

You can date all the non black men in the world and still be one of the most ignorant, stagnant, backwards-thinking black women on the planet.


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