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Tess Holliday is many things and perfect is not one of them.

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I have an extremely kind heart and have never understood evil intentions.

I tend to live life with rose-colored glasses and my favorite hobbies are laughing and loving.

As a comedienne I've never been shy to share who I really am, as the best comedy always stems from truth.

What’s some positive qualities about yourself that you wished people focused on instead of criticizing you?

You burn more calories laughing and smiling anyway, so it's a win-win!

How has your life changed since being on ‘My Big Fat Revenge?

Were you nervous to have your insecurities displayed on TV?

Placing my insecurities on television was not as nerve-racking to me as it was knowing my entire career was on the line by broaching a taboo double-standard in the comedy world.

When you're banging a really fat chick doggie style and your friends are hiding in the closet.

After a little while your friends run out of the closet and yell "GO!

My goals during production were to leave happy, healthy and fit.

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