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We can Facetime and Snapchat those who are far away – but sometimes at the expense of those who are nearest and dearest.

It’s not uncommon to see entire families, whole railway carriages, doctors’ waiting rooms filled with silent people transfixed by the tiny screen on their laps, their mouths slack, their expressions slightly zombified.

Regular photographs, he said, take a maximum of two hours.“We saw this as another tool we could offer to our agents to help differentiate them, but also to differentiate their individual listings,” he said.

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“But when you do get them, it’s someone who is really interested in the home.”Joe Shoemaker, a broker with Encore Sotheby’s International Realty in Indianapolis, has been in the industry 16 years.

He said this technology has existed for more than a decade but didn’t take off because most consumers didn’t have the technology to access it.

Interactive virtual tours, video tours and online listings are much more prevalent in the industry now that most buyers have smartphones and high-speed Internet access.

Shoemaker said a virtual tour enhances the buyer’s experience, but he advises caution when using it to show a house that’s still occupied.

The Matterport software uses those images to create a virtual house tour.

Users navigate as though they are walking through the home on Google Street View or a first-person video game.Yet for all the instant messaging and Twitter followers, there’s a dehumanising dimension, too. Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?Our dealings with one another are becoming remote, measured, at arm’s length. ” So wrote TS Eliot in 1934, but his words ring truer than ever.Secondly, because “I’ll be back in a minute” is established code for “I am going to walk away very slowly and sexily so you can admire me from behind.“And then in a few moments, I am going to walk towards you very slowly and sexily, so you can admire me from the front as well. He takes advantage of what he takes to be a companionable silence and looks up the F1 standings. He is bewildered, and retreats to the modern version of his man-cave and, while the main course is taken away, buys a new drill bit on his Amazon app.He said would-be criminals can use online tours to learn where valuables are kept before an open house, as well as how to get in and out of a house.

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