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Expiring matches also prevent weeks of endless email reminders, notifications, and spam.

The Circles Founder thinks that there are three elements to a decent dating site: Simplicity, subtlety, and honesty. Either way, he can be sure he’s not alone, as there are more than a few trying to oust the e Harmonies of the world, like a redesigned Nerve Dating, Duo Dater, Meexo, Ignighter, Grindr, the and Yoke — to name a few.

When you’ve browsed all the profiles, you hit a “You’ve Seen It All Page,” and that’s it.

Circles gives you two weeks to meet up with an interest before the match expires, which is plenty of time to start a conversation, says Krause.

And, hey, instant user density, because it’s Facebook, where even your cat has a profile!

That’s great for time-saving and identity verification, but the real kicker is that nobody on Facebook can see that you’re using Circles, the app never posts to your Wall or anywhere else — and you won’t see people you know.

Sure, with size and scale comes revenue, but it also brings less appealing byproducts like noise, faked pictures, lazy filtering, inadequate profiles, and the difficulty of judging actual interest from spam or “virtual winking”.

People have become more comfortable with the idea of dating online, but they don’t want an experience that explicitly (and constantly) reminds them of what they’re doing.

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There’s likely room for both even in the cluttered online dating space, as they offer variations on the same major theme, catering to two slightly different approaches to dating and matching you with your next special someone.

That being said, they both need work on their designs.

Plus, you get to sort by location, making it easy for busy people to find people close by.


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