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Along with the rest of the South, they suffered after the imposition of Jim Crow laws from 1890 through the period of segregation. Ferguson case, in which the US Supreme Court justified segregation, the unsuccessful plaintiff, Homer -- or Homère -- Adolphe Plessy, was a racially mixed New Orleanian Creole.) Nevertheless, a tradition of political activism continued from the pre-Civil War days and manifested itself again during the Civil Rights movement and beyond.

People of African descent have made fundamental contributions to the culture of New Orleans throughout its history.

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Contessa Entellina / Kundisa provides historical and genealogical information about the Contessioti.

People of East, Southeast, and South Asian descent live throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area, particularly in the suburbs.

The Contessa Entelinna Society of New Orleans was founded in 1886 as a mutual aid society, the Società Italiana de Beneficenza Contessa Entellina.

It has helped to maintain the identity of the Contessioti into the 21st century.

The most notorious British individual associated with the colonial city was John Law, a Scot working for the French monarchy, but he just set up the financial scheme associated with its establishment (the Company of the West, later the Company of the Indies) and never lived in Louisiana.

The area north of Lake Pontchartrain, which was part of West Florida and is sometimes referred to as "the Florida parishes," was taken over by the British in 1763.Co-production of Serendipity Films LLC, WYES-TV/New Orleans & Louisiana Public Broadcasting in association with Independent Televsion Service (ITVS) & National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC). Prior to Katrina, New Orleans had the greatest concentration of Contessioti in the US.The well-known local Italian-American family of Schiro, for example, traces its roots to Contessa Entellina.Although published scholarship on these early New Orleanians is still relatively sparse, the archival sources bearing witness to their arrival and lives are especially rich and were left relatively unscathed by Katrina. In addition to the many who were transported here as slaves, a substantial number of free people of African descent arrived from France or from the Caribbean.Details that emerge from sacramental and notarial records about family, religion, and economic networks suggest new ways to "see" the iconic architecture of the French Quarter. Greater New Orleans Archivists – list of archival research repositories in New Orleans Gulf Coast History and Humanities Conference (3rd : 1971 : Pensacola, Fla.) The Americanization of the Gulf Coast. Furthermore, under the colonial legal systems of the French and Spanish, slaves could be freed or obtain their freedom, while free people of all races could hold property, intermarry (or legitimize the offspring of more informal relationships), file lawsuits, and conduct business as they chose.The colonial and early national periods, roughly 1700-1810. Part of the City Archives were in an offsite storage facility that sustained heavy roof damage during Katrina; the materials have been removed for remediation or (if judged not of historical significance) destruction; the materials sent offsite had all been microfilmed. Paul Alliot and Various Spanish, French, English, and American Officials. Louis of New Orleans: Containing Folios from the Beginning up to the Present.


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