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In one of his Forbes Tech articles, Oracle billionaire and the world’s fifth richest man Larry Ellison says, “It’s better to waste time figuring out how to earn your own money than to waste time depending on someone else’s money.” Relying on money from sugar daddies and mummies has its consequences.

One day it’ll all go away and the residue will be stress blended with regret .

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If he were Kenyan, you wouldn’t even look at him twice. That mzungu is probably not as wealthy as you think he is.

They are either old blokes with leathery skin living on benefits and pension, or young losers without much promise in the UK. Number one, wealthy mzungu tourists don’t mix with locals because, apparently, they think Kenya is a “hotbed of terror”.

Many of us keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to dating and hence the same bad results trail us.

These are relationship mistakes you should avoid completely this year.

They marry delicate pretty blondes from proper suburban families, who have tiny wasp waists and thin thighs. You see these tourists strolling the city in dusty rubber shoes, faded jeans and T-shirts carrying ugly backpacks stuffed with stale bread and maps?

The white men who marry African women are not the kind of men you’d normally marry if they were Kenyan. Or that tourist at that bar in Mtwapa or Kilifi nursing a bottle of cold Tusker?Once you are on option that’s what you will always be.Have your own or at least have that which is not owned.How many times do Kenyan women have to be told to stop dating wazungus? Listen, young Kenyan women, educated and proper white men don’t marry us.They don’t go for a curvy black woman with thunder thighs, a sizeable posterior, Afro-kinky hair and a foul miss-know-it-all attitude.If you make it your aim to topple the person that’s in a relationship with the person you like, you won’t be successful. You can topple the mind but you can’t topple the heart. If you aren’t then leave and find a kingdom you can rule.


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