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He had made the choice to get to know and see me for me and make his own decision. I didn’t worry about hiding my home life or my mother’s battle.I let down my walls, and to his credit, he loved me more because of it.

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Today on Twitter, Mc Leod announced her marriage to Ella Masar, her teammate with the Houston Dash — a marriage that completes an amazing and public voyage of self-awareness.

Masar has been a fan favorite for a long-time, be it for her cup of coffees with the U. women’s national team and (pre-overlord spending) Paris Saint-Germain, her troubling time with the now infamous magic Jack debacle in Women’s Professional Soccer (seriously: read that), her writing or the outreach she’s done since the beginning of the NWSL.

I know that just because the religion I choose to live by is love, that does not mean you or anyone else has to follow.

That’s where I understand that everyone is different.

and here’s why: Erin Mc Leod (on the left) just finished being one of the best (and most under-appreciated) goalkeepers at the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

She helped a goal-starved host nation, Canada, to the quarterfinals and now returns to her post in the National Women’s Soccer League, where she’s been one of the circuit’s best `keepers since the league’s inception in 2013.

Trust me folks, 10 years, is plenty of time to make a massive pile of those.

We had numerous difficult conversations, we disagreed, we laughed, we cried together, trust was broken and gained, and yet they always accepted me back with open arms.

She’s got a strong case to being one of the top goalkeepers in the world.

So how does one of the world’s best goalkeepers celebrate a successful World Cup? But this was no ordinary marriage — not even by this country’s more open, Supreme Court-validated standards.

My parents had gone through a divorce a year before and my mother was going in and out of a mental institution.

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