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Most visual novels have some romance even if it isn't necessarily an important part of the main plot.Most also have "routes" which are entered based on some of the choices you have picked and have different story elements and endings.

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Instead, most of the "gameplay" is simply reading through lines of text with still images in the background... Visual novels tend to get some flak for being treated as video games despite having no gameplay, but a bunch of them have great stories that make up for the lack of gameplay. The vast majority of visual novels have choices similar to choices you would find in a Choose Your Adventure book.

These choices can either alter minor dialogue or vastly change the ending depending on the choice and the visual novel.

The story of Episode 1 is considered very slow among and doesn't start to get eventful until DINNER TIME of said episode.

From there most fans start to really love the series.

The character designs are very hit-or-miss to most first time readers, try not to let them affect your opinion on the story as a whole, it ends up being worth it for the most part.

In terms of episode quality there is no universally-accepted "best" and "worst" episode in the series.

Even so, these routes are my character-oriented, with the girl you have chosen getting a decent amount of development in the end.

The routes are slower-paced than the main plot, however and you can skip them if you really want to.

Some people don't mind the slow pace of Episode 1, some really like Episode 5, Episode 2 can be seen as the best by some people, and Episode 6 the worst.

The one thing that's almost universally loved about this Umineko is it's music.

For people who want to reread certain parts of a visual novel or want to read every route or choice, most visual novels have some sort of "Skip text you’ve already read" feature, which will help you get to the parts you want to read quicker. 18 members of the rich Ushiromiya family meet up on an island called Rokkenjima to discuss what will happen to patriarch Kinzo's inheritance once he passes away.

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