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Any time I read an article about INFJs and relationships, it seems to repeat the same advice: our “ideal” match is the ENTP personality type.

Overall, I think extroverts make life exciting for INFJs.

Some incredibly extroverted types may be taxing on an INFJ’s quiet nature, but those are the types we learn to enjoy in smaller doses.

For all of you extroverts out there with an INFJ friend or loved one, please keep in mind that we value our solitude.

We may require a lot more alone time than you can comprehend.

I think the most glaringly obvious advantage to having a relationship with an introvert is that they understand our need for solitude.

It is comforting beyond words when another person understands your quiet moments and does not question you when you are lost in thought.There is very little energy exerted when I am with other introverts. In my experience as an INFJ, other introverted types that I get along with well include the following: INTJ (“The Scientist”)Ah, the INTJ.There isn’t another introverted personality type that I am hopelessly drawn to more than this one. They do not let emotions stand in their way and rely on logic above all else.They bring out the aspects of my personality that are also free thinking, independent, and creative.Due to their magnificent intuitive abilities, ENFPs know when and how to approach more reserved personalities.ENFJs have, for lack of a better term, strong personalities.

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