Engaged after 2 months dating danger of dating a married man

I know people that knew each other only a few weeks, got married, and are still going strong years later.

It does not matter the time but the people involved.

Either the two are mature enough to know that there is no other for them, or they are deeply infatuated, afraid of being alone, and living in an illusion. A person could be with someone for 5 years and if there's not that quality there then they may know less about that OP than someone who's been with another for a month and had nothing but quality time. Like I said before..have the potential of lasting but I just don't see why you would want such a huge commitment so soon.

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So I've seen it go both ways and it really depends on the people involved and a little luck in choosing that person. I was with my exhusband less than a few months when he moved in and we married. Then I met someone, dated two years, got engaged, moved in together for a month and spent the next 6 months trying to get him to leave me alone. 50% of marriages end in divorce ~ I think that would include short engagements, no engagement and extra long engagements.

Personally, if I ever get the chance to propose again, it'll be after a long relationship... Roam through POF success stories for a little while ~ 90% of those were quickies (some were real quick.) JMO I dated a woman for 3 months and was married to her for 14 years. It's difficult to gauge another person's heart when it involves love.

However, I think if you hit the year mark (or around there somewhere) and are not yet sure if you want to marry a person or spend the rest of your life with them, you are fooling yourself! My Aunt and Uncle only knew each other 6 months before they got married!!

I think that if you don't know by that time, in reality YOU DO KNOW. They are still married 20 some years later - which is longer then anyone else thats married that I know.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...And just because you get engaged quickly, doesnt mean that you have to get married right away.There are some stories on there that got engaged real quick, but arent getting married until late this year or next year. Ive got a good one for youmy ex just got engaged after about a 3 month possibly 2 1/2 month relationshipthe thing is she is going back over seas...will be married in a different country yet again in 9 months time..wont actually live together for possible 11 years due to commitments with both parties in different countriesloldoes this sound weird to anyone other than me??? It really doesn't matter how long you've been together - it's the "QUALITY" of the time you spend together that count. Makes you really wonder if they are just doing it cause they were tired of being alone and are now settling.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I have come across this quite a bit lately where couples are getting engaged after only being together/knowing one another for a few months.Getting engaged is not walking down the aisle and whether someone thinks the engagement is too quick, what matters is whether people take the time to evaluate the wisdom of their initial attraction.

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