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This led to the settlement of different ethnic groups from countries along the trade routes, such as Iran and India.Trade activities with east Africa led to the importation of Africans as laborers in the pearling industry in the late nineteenth century.

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Obviously, you will have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for marriage, given that Islam is the official religion of the country.

You will get married according to , regardless of your nationality is because civil marriage does not apply in the country.

To get married in the country, you will have to produce: The certificate of marital status must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country or by the consulate representing your country in the UAE.

You will also have to find two witnesses who have to be present at the wedding ceremony.

If you dream of getting married in the land of the Arabian Nights, here is some information to help you celebrate your wedding in the UAE.

It is not difficult to get married the United Arab Emirates.

It shares land borders with Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Abu Dhabi represents 85 percent of the land, and the smallest emirate is Ajman.

Each emirate is named after its capital city, and Abu Dhabi City is the permanent capital of the nation.

However, his presence is not compulsory in the Sharia court during the wedding. In the absence of a guardian, the ecclesiastic Sheikh can also assume this role.

Expat couples may get married at a place of worship such as a temple or church if available at their embassy or consulate.

Women should get the consent of their father, their brother or uncle to be able to get married.


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