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The football team regularly makes bowl game appearances, and the men's basketball team has made 19 appearances in the NCAA Division I Tournament—including five Final Four appearances.

The men's golf team has won 16 national championships—the most in NCAA history.

Annual UH events and traditions include The Cat's Back, Homecoming, and Frontier Fiesta.

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A more accurate date for the official opening of HJC is September 19, 1927, when enrollment was opened to all persons having completed the necessary educational requirements.

The junior college became eligible to become a university in October 1933 when Governor of Texas, Miriam A. On April 30, 1934, HISD's Board of Education adopted a resolution to make the school a four-year institution, and Houston Junior College changed its name to the University of Houston.

UH's first session as a four-year institution began June 4, 1934, at San Jacinto High School with an enrollment of 682.

In 1934, the first campus of the University of Houston was established at the Second Baptist Church at Milam and Mc Gowen.

The inner campus contains the academic core of the university and consists of the M. Anderson Library, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics including the Physics Department, the College of Technology, and the Honors College.

The interior of the campus has the original buildings: the Roy G.

Cullen Building, the Old Science Building, and the Ezekiel W. Academic and research facilities include the Cullen Performance Hall, the Science and Engineering Research and Classroom Complex, and Texas Center for Superconductivity, and various other science and liberal arts buildings.

This area of campus features the reflecting pool at Cullen Family Plaza, the Lynn Eusan Park, and various plazas and green spaces.

The next fall, the campus was moved to the South Main Baptist Church on Main Street—between Richmond Avenue and Eagle Street—where it stayed for the next five years.


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