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However, she and Sean break up and Ellie heads off to college with Marco and Paige, where she discovers her love of journalism.

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Then: Melissa Mc Intyre played Ashley, who dates both Jimmy and Craig over the course of the series.

She joins Craig's band, and in one particularly memorable episode, gets high on Ecstasy.

Wondering what your favorite characters from Degrassi Community School are up to today? And hey, we have to say it: Whatever it takes, we know you can make it through!

Then: For nine seasons, Miriam Mc Donald played the role of Emma Nelson, whose friendship with Manny Santos and relationship with Sean Cameron were main focal points of ' Degrassi' throughout the early seasons.

Her series-long friendship with Marco comes to blows in ' Degrassi Goes Hollywood,' where it is ultimately hinted that the two are no longer friends.

Now: Though primarily known for her ' Degrassi' fame, Collins has acted steadily both during and after her run on the show, most notably with a recurring role on the Disney Channel show ' Life with Derek' and in the film ' Charlie Bartlett.' Collins, who frequently tweets her ' Degrassi' co-stars, is currently the host of the talk show '1 Girl 5 Gays' and has a recurring role on Nick Krull's sketch comedy series, ' Krull Show.' Then: Daniel Clark played the rough-around-the-edges Sean Cameron, who, despite his tough background, has a heart of gold.

But he hasn't forgotten his ' Degrassi' roots, even coming up with a ' Wheelchair Jimmy' dance move for one of his biggest hits, ' The Motto.' Then: Lauren Collins played popular cheerleader Paige Michalchuk, ' Degrassi's' resident mean girl for the first few seasons of the show.

Over time, she reforms and deals with such issues as rape, drug use, anxiety and her relationship with Alex.

Then: Stacey Farber portrayed Ellie Nash, who, in the beginning of the series, handles her mother's alcoholism and her dad's military absence by cutting herself.

She dates Sean for a while, eventually moving in with him after her mom accidentally sets their apartment on fire.

After the shooting, Jimmy was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the series, dashing his dreams of playing basketball -- but opening the door to a career in music.

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