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“What I’m realizing is that both sides care deeply for freedom of speech, and both sides think the other doesn’t,” Taksler said.

Post-screening discussions revealed that while conservatives and liberals have very different talking points about free speech, “both sides are now becoming keenly aware of the issue.

Several months into his first term, Morsi amended the freshly inked democratic constitution to grant himself unchecked legislative powers; but it was a joke about the president’s hat, not his politics, that did the comedian in.

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“I felt this was a really important story that I had access to tell,” said Taksler.

Taksler worked on the documentary alongside her job as a senior producer of “The Daily Show,” which meant putting in “nights, weekends and vacations. I haven’t had a day off for years now.” The bulk of the filming onsite was done by a local hired crew that hung around the production office of ‘Al Bernameg’ in Cairo, following the sketch writers and film editors and fleshing out storylines.

At the time, “neither of us could imagine that he would become an international celebrity,” she recalled.

She had already been mulling the idea of a documentary about the production of “The Daily Show,” she said, and “Bassem and his crew were doing a show very much like ours, with all the same ingredients, but with stakes that were so much higher.” Youssef happily agreed to the idea of filming a documentary about the making of “Al Bernameg.” Taksler, anxious about traveling to a region in the midst of a violent eruption, ended up “sitting on the idea for a year.” She was prodded into action in March 2013, when Youssef was charged with “contempt of Islam” over his skits lampooning the newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi.

“It’s not easy to travel to Egypt, particularly as a woman, and I am clearly not an Egyptian woman. “I never knew if it was a good idea to let people around me know that I was Jewish, and that was unsettling. some would not.” In mid-2013, after one of the cameramen was beaten by a street crowd that mistook him for a foreign spy, the crew took to filming demonstrations from inside a moving car.

More than a year into the making, with over a hundred hours of footage at her disposal, “I had no story yet, no beginning, middle or end — just a series of quick start-stops,” said Taksler.

By July 3, they got their wish, and Morsi was unseated in a military coup led by Gen.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, who instituted a temporary military rule.

Combining original footage, news clips and snippets from both “Al Bernameg” and “The Daily Show,” “Tickling Giants” had its premiere at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Skipping a broad theatrical release in favor of direct viewing, the film hit i Tunes this week, with subsequent releases on Amazon, Google and other online streaming services set for next week.


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