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Assuming that your server stores data in a traditional relational database, it needs to maintain the following tables: Device table.

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TTL values are only respected for Dyn Standard DNS hosts.

To update a DNS server dynamically using TSIG for authorization, run nsupdate by doing the following: #!

It must include the protocol, and it can include an optional port number.

Wallet requires an HTTPS connection to your server for all communication.

Dyn provides an account level key which can be used to update DNS hosts instead of our HTTP-based DNS Update API.

You can generate and obtain your key from your TSIG account settings page.

Send pushes only to the devices that have registered for updates for that pass, and only when the pass has changed. Your server sends the following pieces of information: You may wonder why your server doesn’t include more information in the push notification.

That’s because push notifications are not guaranteed to be delivered and because multiple push notifications from the same source are coalesced into a single notification. The push notification just indicates that some passes with a given pass type identifier changed, so no information is lost if they are coalesced.

In this case, you provide only a pass, so Wallet needs a standardized way to communicate with your server.

The tells Wallet how to contact your server during the update process.

You can also update a pass when it represents multiple real-world actions.

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