Does he think we are dating quiz dating rusearch

If yes - Add 15 points Question 2: Was there anything inherently creepy about him, like the sound of his voice or some of the questions he asked you?

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The right guy will make you feel beautiful all the time for who you are and will know how to show it.

Give him a big hug and a kiss the next time you see him! ) of the above questions, your guy may not be as respectful of you as you deserve.

You have nothing to lose except maybe an hour or two of your time, and you'll have much more information about this dude after just one more date, so do it!

This guy could be the dream man that you built, or your next long-ass relationship that breaks your heart or he could end up just be a big bad boy test from the universe.

A) Yes B) No9) Is he open to spending time together doing things that you enjoy doing?

Does he follow through with the things he says he’s going to do?

If yes - Add 15 points Question 14: Honestly, are you totally not attracted to this guy for no good reason whatsoever?

Would you rather make out with your brother than grab his ass?

If yes - Add 9 points Question 6: Were you abnormally drawn to your phone and did everything he say make you wish you were at home watching a Game of Thrones marathon?

If yes - Subtract 5 points Question 7: Did you feel relaxed and at ease after the first few minutes of the date?

If you’re having doubts or mixed feelings about whether your guy is truly as great as you think he is, take our fast quiz!

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