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Twenty Something: More and more young people are unemployed and still living at home. Demetria Lucas: This is not the baby boomer generation. After graduating from undergrad, I went straight to grad school because I couldn’t find a job.They’re also postponing marriage to pursue their careers and do things their parents never got to do. I wanted my own money and my own space but had to deal with a bad economy.Given the variety of content, Single Dating Diva really does have something for everyone.

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“Rob met Yanique last year when he was in Jamaica and they stayed in contact.

She’s helped him, especially with all that he’s going through now,” according to MTO sources.

A great way for women to meet men is to go on a “cutie” run. People are once again seeing the beauty and unfailing support of family. Her first book, A BELLE IN BROOKLYN (Atria), based on her blog essays, will be published in June 2011.

Go somewhere with your girlfriends to scope out attractive men. Lucas is also the Relationships Editor at Essence Magazine where she also authors her own monthly advice column, Dating Guide.

When asked what makes Single Dating Diva a standout resource for singles, Suzie explains that it is “relatable, no-nonsense advice from a real person who’s been through the same things they have and ‘gets it’”.

Suzie’s sense of understanding is enough to help even the most cautious of daters open up, and she shows no lack of support.

So it made more sense to stay at home instead of having to struggle from day to day.

And there is a tendency to get married later– but it’s not selfish, it’s empowering. I don’t see anything wrong with that, but I do think it’s important for women to go out and get their own jobs and do things on their own.

I turned thirty and it was the best year of my life. If you don’t know what’s going on after a while, sit down and ask.


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