Dido armstrong dating

The singer used her lyrics to explore relationships, commitment and self-acceptance.She conveyed her relaxed emotions by pacing the front of the stage and swinging her arms loosely.

"Through luck really – I don't play any instruments at all.

I did the sound for the first tour, but really there were many better people who could do the sound, and so it just became obvious.

The vibe hovered somewhere between a dream and a nightmare; Dido's voice, an effusive but melancholic instrument, made sure of that.

Drummer helped drive a sense of mystery into the songs by playing bongos on several occasions.

"All You Want" sported loud, echoing drums and a sturdy guitar strum, but it also featured a heart-soaked melody reminiscent of a folk song.

Dido generated the night's biggest applause with her single "Here With Me" (Real Audio excerpt) a big, soaring pop song.

She belted out the song with conviction, inspiring members of the audience to sing along.

Though Dido is from England, her band lives in New York, and she treated the audience like a new neighbor as the show unfolded.

"She's been buying a house and she has to consider things like security.


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