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During her time in the Dollhouse, Sierra fell in love with Victor, a fellow Doll.

Whiskey (Amy Acker) was the number one Doll before her face was scarred by Alpha so that Echo could take the top spot.

To accommodate the loss of their existing physician and to not let the damaged Doll go to waste, Topher created the identity Claire Saunders for Whiskey.

She eventually tries to seduce him, but is rejected.

The two discuss her identity as Claire Saunders, and how Topher tried to make her as a foil to himself so they could see each other's mistakes to reduce the chance that "someone would get hurt." At the end of the episode, she is seen driving away from the Dollhouse, despite her fear of the outside world.

November's character was originally conceived as an Active who got fewer of the criminal gigs and more of the personal ones.

Whedon originally stated that the character would not be included in the show and that "the show simply moves too fast now for me to do what I wanted with her", but later hinted that the character might emerge later in the series.In the future events of 2019 seen in "Epitaph One", Whiskey remains in the abandoned Dollhouse, seemingly as its benign caretaker, having reverted to her Doll-state. November (Miracle Laurie), whose real name is Madeline Costley, is originally introduced to the series as Mellie, the neighbor, romantic interest, and confidante of Paul Ballard. Adelle can switch November to a combat-ready personality using verbal codes.In Omega, November's original persona and memories are restored and she is released from her contract early with full payment at the request of Paul Ballard, in exchange for him joining the Dollhouse's staff; she returns to her life as Madeline Costley, in which she had a deceased daughter named Katie.She returns to the dollhouse in Getting Closer, claiming to have been with Boyd for the past few months, later in the episode, she fatally shoots Bennett Halverson then calmly walks away, leaving the dollhouse and causing Ballard and Echo to conclude that Rossum imprinted her as a sleeper active.In The Hollow Men, she reveals that she has been imprinted as Clyde Randolph.She was seduced by Nolan Kinnard, a Rossum Corporation researcher, who commissioned her to do a large painting.


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  3. When they tried to include both Kimberley and Devidene’s names on Riley’s birth certificate in February, Public Health registrar Carolyn Garrido told them Kimberley Chargualaf couldn't be added as a parent on the certificate unless she adopted the baby, according to Pesch.“Because (Kimberely) was a woman, she couldn’t be designated as a ‘father,’” Pesch said.

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