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THE University of Sussex is at the centre of a “technological revolution” with a professor developing a quantum computer.The machine, which is being built at the Falmer campus, will have an impact on every aspect of our lives once finished.Professor Hensinger says he hopes to set up a company within two years in order to commercially produce the computer.

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Current credit card encryption relies on computers being unable to decode a very large number – something Professor Hensinger’s computer will be able to solve in seconds.

While others have worked on such computers the development of the blueprints is the first time that someone has presented an engineering solution to such a complicated device.

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The North American Mission Board, the domestic missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, has offered to cover the funeral expenses for the families of the 26 people killed inside the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, at the hands of Devin Kelley on Sunday.

He added that the machine will be able to solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of any computers we use today.

Power Perhaps problems so large we are unable to comprehend them.

World famous evangelist Billy Graham is set to celebrate his 99th birthday on Nov.

7, with son Franklin Graham announcing that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will mark the major highlights of his life throughout the next year.

He added that he wanted to show people that “physics is amazing and it’s going to change the world”.

It was also on display at the British Science Festival in Brighton earlier this month.

Winfried Hensinger, professor of quantum technologies, is behind the project and is in the process of publishing the computer’s blueprints.


  1. In fact, plenty of professions require training that can’t even be obtained from a traditional university or community college.

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