Detroit dating events

“I introduced my first couple when I was at Eastern Michigan University,” she says.

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I encountered my future husband, Ron, at the event, but was talking to two other men as well.” Mason didn’t think about it until weeks later. “Men don’t often ask enough questions when they meet someone. (But) by not asking questions, they don’t know who they’re getting.” You can bet Marcia the Matchmaker does.

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“It turns out I just happen to be great at meeting people.

I’m a tour guide, a master gardener, I sell on e Bay, Etsy, and other online sites.

It’s different than someone you meet from out of nowhere.” That ballet date segued into nearly 40 years of togetherness. ” The Masons celebrate their 20th anniversary in May and have two children.

Zoran, a translator and writer, and Chris, a medical researcher, have a daughter. “In the early ’90s, I was in Marcia’s aerobics class ... “I don’t know what it was, but we clicked,” Mason says. She knew him and I knew her and she thought we might like each other.” This style of matchmaking is a whole other spectrum from online dating.

“I’ve had people from 14 different countries living at my house while I raised my daughter,” Pilliciotti says.


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