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All in all, am looking for a companion who would be my best friend, with whom I can h... I'm currently in pharmacy school at the University of Florida and I'll be graduating in May of 2018 with my Pharm D. Some of the things I love to do are travel, go sightseeing, and cook. Read more Hello, am glad you chose to visit my profile. I am passionate about all things good in, food. I enjoy being around people and believe in living life with positivity.

I am looking for a humble man who can sweep me off my feet. I am completing my bachelor's degree in education, and will go on to complete a master's. We shared many common interests, Sikhi being the most important.

I am independent with a bachelors degree in the medical field and I have a stable job. My family is mostly in the medical field but teaching is my passion. Read more I am a happy go lucky person who loves to travel. After talking for few months, I decided to travel to India wi...

Started with an interest, graduated towards phone call and we finally happened to meet when Nimesh flew... Amol's mother liked my profile and had sent a request to me in february 2016 and accepted it as I liked the profile.

I spoke to Amol's mother over the given contact number and she shared Amol's pictures with me. It all started when I received a request from Amandeep Kaur on January 27,2015took us one day of chat to know she was the one and started to talk on the phone .

I love cooking, shopping, reading books and writing. Perfect Match We weren't sure if on-line was the best platform for nuptial but looks like we were destined to meet each other through

I have completed Masters from Stevens Institute of technology majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Councilman Lancman’s district has the largest Bangladeshi population in New York City and is home to over 23,000 residents of South Asian descent.

Lancman says the center could receive another 0,000 of public funds after the city budget is passed in June.

We would speak to each other on the phone daily and for couple of months than we deci... During my travel, I have expressed my interest in Sukhdeep profile on Sukhdeep accepted my interest on 11/29/2015. She responded the day when I was travelling from USA to India for a vacation.

I called and spoke to Sukhdeep on phone for over an hour. We met for the first time on 24th Jan 2016, both of us liked each other.

“The response has been overwhelming.” Shamsi says that the Bangladeshi community, one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in New York, had lobbied their elected officials for years for financial help to create a center like this.


  1. He told me, “I believe evangelical Christians have a greater tendency to fall into sexual addictions than any other sub-culture in the United States.” When I asked him why, he said, “Because sexual sins are so taboo in the church people find them more exciting.

  2. But what parents often focus their energy on is a good report card, a 3.5 GPA, high SAT scores, and climbing the corporate ladder.

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