David deangelo personality types that naturally attract women dating bonuses

It is not an idle claim, and is the claim against which it should be measured.

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He doesn’t inform or advise so much as dictate and command.

And he seems to think that all guys and all women are the same.

It doesn’t really make a user feel any more empowered about the dating world.

Double Your Dating is the branding equivalent of a damp squib. He writes more like an older brother and less like a mentor or guide.

The approach here is based on a few stock imperatives.

First, guys need to understand that women are completely different to them, and that includes their expectations of what they expect when dating, being courted, etc.It promises to double your chances of getting a date, and, hopefully, scoring too, right? Whilst there is content to be gleaned, it doesn’t provide the kind of dating illumination that its title promises. It’s difficult to summarize a training course like Double Your Dating because it’s so devoid of any real character or sense of self.It has a catchy title but goes onto have content that’s not never really focused beyond broad strokes and content seen before.Men buy Playboy, watch sports, and read the paper.” Geez, no clichés there, buddy!It’s just lazy when supposed ‘gurus’ who have spent ‘years’ (ten years according to this guy) researching the sexes and relationships resort to these types of lazy, stereotypical declarations.It’s all about social programming that has evolved over millennia and is what society has expected of both men and women – that is why we are so fundamentally different.


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