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I love husband and my step daughters and grandchildren and do not want to hurt thier feeling.

I also don't want my daughter making the same mistakes they have made.

I'm not racist, I don't believe all black people should die or go back to Africa and I find the KKK disgusting.

I don't want her to get pregnant and have to raise a kid herself.

What can I do to sabotage their relationship other than forbid her to see him which will only make them closer?

And also, be careful how you present them or she'll do it to spite you.

Good Luck Well, you can influence who she likes, but ultimately, she will form her own opinions about people of other races, and the world in general.

Back in the 1950's or so they made this movie about a black woman who was so light skinned she passed for a white woman. Whatever culture you are, your background, church, community, etc.

Is it the RACE you dislike so much, or is it the color of the skin? that led you to your beliefs should be discussed with her.I know my daughter could get pregnant with any race, and I tell her that abstinence is...I'm not racist, I don't believe all black people should die or go back to Africa and I find the KKK disgusting.I don't want her to live with us for several reason, but mostly the exposure my daughter will have with her concerns me. But, again, why is it a mistake to date a black man? Are you going to let her date a white guy at eleven? I hope I don't offend you, I'll try not to be so blunt..... Do you think that with a black husband he won't provide for her as well?You don't believe in interracial relationships...... I don't believe that there is a difference in races..... How would you feel if your husband ethnics prohibited or was against or didn't believe in a relationship with your race?My wife died when our daughter was still in diapers, and it's stressful enough to raise her alone without a grandchild as well. I'm not saying there are no decent black men, I just don't want to risk my daughter ending up with a bad one... I don't want her to end up with a bad white guy either, but based on what I have seen white guys have a better track record than black guys. I voted for Obama, and I have lots of black friends. Say things that seem harmless, but you know will annoy him. It won't have much effect at first, but it will all eventually blow up, and when it does, he'll look like a jerk.


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