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In other words, the stuff I was writing was therapy. I have to figure out how to create “artistic distance” in my own work.

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The poetry manuscript was saved because I emailed it to myself.

I am reminded of Langston Hughes dumping his books in the sea in his memoir,, was never published during Ellison’s lifetime.

Though everyone at the workshops agrees that a black female physician protagonist is one they would like to see, I’m not sure how to create that “artistic distance” yet. Elizabeth says if I write 500 words a day, I can have a novel ready by August of 2017, to submit for publishing.

All I can say is I need to do more reading and writing to “see.” This is a lot harder than I thought.

how not to write about yourself and think it is the story.

Elizabeth says most fiction is somewhat autobiographical but the story is pivotal.You just have to navigate through the LOLCats and “Call Me Maybe” covers. Blue High School entry to the fold, excepted, of course.Everyone should watch that thing daily, while eating apples, drinking water, and munching Flintstones Chewables.) 3.datein8daten24datenloeschung24datenrettung24datenschutz24datenschutzberater24datenservice24dates2006dates4dates4dates4datesite4datesonline06datesonline2006dating-101dating-121dating-over-40dating-over-50org datsun240datsun411datt80datum11datum2002datum360datumpacific2008org daugaard.daughter4org daughters1894daughters4daughters4daughters4daughtersofisabella218daughtersofworldwar2daughtersofww2daugia24dav-50dav-hdx589dav.orgorg. RU SESSIONID014E07657F674852190502190A1D00051C0C074F6A5D5E465E0. I understand this after spending an intensive week at the Hurston Wright Writing Workshop. How do I write clearly employing the proper grammar conventions?

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