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Punch cards were, after all, the visible part of the bureaucratic system, which held power at the university.

Chasen tells Harold what she’s decided to do with his life: MRS. Harold is concerned because: HAROLD: I don’t think I’m getting through to mother like I used to. Harold’s desire to marry Maude is stronger than his ability to satisfy the needs of Mrs.

CHASEN: I only have a few minutes, Harold, but I do want to inform you of my decision. Chasen decides the answers to the dating questionnaire herself; Confronting Maude in the nude, Harold starts to make his own decisions: MAUDE: Do you disapprove? Chasen and her cronies, though he’s not skilled enough to prevent Maude from fulfilling her desire to end it all.

When one of the ladies gets hold of a computer-dating questionnaire, the others invent a mythical girl and feeds the falsified punch card information into the computer.

“Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate” led to the casting of Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick in the weekly detective series “The Snoop Sisters.” Punched cards are still an occasional theme in television shows associated with the cartoonist, screenwriter, and producer Matt Groening.

In “The Simpsons” episode “Much Apu About Nothing,” Apu’s Ph. thesis, a computer tic-tac-toe game, was written so long ago it was stored on punched cards.

In the “Futurama” episode “Mother’s Day,” a robot burns a punched card in protest.

_______________ Do you want to be contacted directly or through the site by interested people? ______________________________________________ __________________ What is your idea of a good date?

______________________________________________ In a few words can you describe the person that you are interested in meeting on this dating site?

____________________________________________ Are you in a serious relationship at the moment?

__________ Are you willing to submit a full size photo of yourself to place alongside your details on this site?

Online dating questionnaires are used by such sites for the purpose of obtaining information from their members or prospective members.


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  2. Back in May 2015, news broke that it was breached, albeit on a smaller scale — 3.9 million user accounts were circulating online.

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