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In answer to the OP ,, No I do not do drugs , I do however enjoy a drink now and then . Not that it's any of anyone's business but I have seen people snort cocaine...

as well as crushed up T3's (tylenol 3's) we like to call "poor man's cocaine." I have also seen people shoot up meth and other such drugs one can inject with a needle.

Sure you're probably going to have someone who abuses and does something bad, but I have herd of a lot more alcoholics that destroy their families and their own lives and thoughs of innocent people than I have of pot heads to be straight up about it.

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So, were you trying to suggest that one cannot compare marijuana to herion? Allow me to please explain and justify things more clearly for you: Not that it's any of your business... And that is the problem especially when you apply it to how the states decided that spending billions of dollars on the war on drugs is a good thing.

I left my child's father along with the said people he chose to associate with. That money could hve bought more bombs to fight for gas rights in the middle east. Your post is typical of what I have been stating in another thread.

your ex at one time was the coolest sexiest guy in the world and then you had a child and woke up to see him for what he really was.

You are mixing your own failings for having his child and projecting them into your opinions about drug use.

I know someone who was hospitalized and almost lost their arm from their injection use due to infection. "Diggy, just because you have seen the "worst case scenarios" of what drugs can do..

doesn't mean that everyone that uses is going to be like that.

They could put that money towards aid for schools, getting children off the street, health care, people living on or below the poverty line, the possibilities are endless!

In my opinion the government should legalize and regulate the sale of pot. Can you even imagine how much money the goverenment would make by taxing it?

Its estimated worth is $ 645,840.00 and it has a daily income of around $ 897.00. As there are no active threats reported recently, is SAFE to browse.


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