Dating women with irish setters

Last but not least, it should go without saying that a people-loving dog like the Irish Setter needs to live in the house. Paintings from a century before that show similar dogs.

Irish Setters are alert and will loudly and excitedly announce when someone is approaching.

Choose an Irish Setter if you are an active person who can give him the exercise he needs.

This is a big-running dog, and he needs a safe place where he can go full out.

Take him jogging or running with you, take him to an enclosed dog park or other area away from traffic, or get a device that will allow him to run alongside your bicycle.

(Hold off on the jogging and bicycling until he reaches physical maturity at two years of age so that his skeletal development isn’t impaired, and clear any exercise program with your vet.) These dogs are a blast to live with, but they take a long time to mature.

Living with an Irish Setter who still has a puppy mentality when he is five years old can be trying.

Be warned: if you don’t give him an outlet for his energy, he will become frustrated.

A frustrated Irish Setter is a destructive Irish Setter.

The Irish is very smart, and he’s an independent thinker.


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