Dating white ladies kenya

However, there are very respectable men in this country—you won’t find them just walking down the street, though. Don’t be surprised if you get a few marriage proposals.

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Nadine says: No, although this is an emerging issue in the Kenyan sociopolitical landscape.

The majority of Kenya is incredibly Christian, and quite disapproving of homosexual activity.

Nadine says: While my upbringing has taught me that education and career come first, the local women here believe that finding a husband is quite important.

When a woman becomes a wife, her duty is often to tend to the children and her home.

As an American woman, you are very enticing to men here—not only because you are beautiful, but because of the wealthy country you come from. Smiling at a male here means something entirely different than in the US or another developed country. Nadine says: You’ll find that Kenyan men are typically masculine and very aggressive.

Thus far, these are the majority of men that I’ve come in contact with.

Nadine says: Gender equality is an emerging fight here in Kenya.

Men typically see women as less capable, and less intelligent.

My initial perception of Kenyan women was that they are very demure.


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