Dating ultrasound heartbeat

Why did they schedule our ultrasound on a day when there’s no doctor around? The ultrasound findings are consistent with a five and a half week pregnancy.

Ultrasound tests may also be combined with blood tests to gain a better idea of what may be going on.

As a general guide: If the pregnancy is far enough advanced for the baby's heart beat to be detected and the woman is experiencing bleeding, an ultrasound showing the baby is alive will in most cases (85%) be indicative that the pregnancy will still progress normally.

It is estimated that about 1% of pregnancies are ectopic.

If your caregiver suspects an ectopic pregnancy, they will usually order an ultrasound to see where the baby is (as well as a blood pregnancy test for pregnancy hormones).

During the last half of pregnancy, the whole baby cannot be viewed all at once, but you can usually see clearer images of their facial features, hands or feet.

Your caregiver may order an ultrasound (or more than one) at various times during the pregnancy, for different reasons.

However, for up to 15% of women, even if the ultrasound showed that their baby was alive, they will still go on to miscarry at some stage. An ectopic pregnancy (or 'out of place' pregnancy) occurs when the woman's egg is fertilised but implants before it reaches her uterus.

Most ectopic pregnancies involve the baby implanting in the fallopian tubes, (about 98%) but in a few cases, the baby will implant outside the woman's uterus on her ovary or in her lower abdomen.

I was hoping to be able to share the happy news that my wife is pregnant. Amazingly, her first try was successful, and we got a positive (albeit very faint) pregnancy reading last month. We’d been through hell and back with me, hurdle after hurdle, disappointment after disappointment. At least, we didn’t expect it to be first-try-successful easy. But we know exactly when the sperm entered her, so we have a fairly accurate conception date, which is six weeks. I know they’re not supposed to “diagnose” and we didn’t expect her to, but she was barely capable of even answering our questions. Just a yolk sac at six weeks isn’t that great either, but seeing a heartbeat on an ultrasound a few weeks later and going on to have a healthy baby is not unheard of.

Neither of us really believed it, so she took seven more tests over the next few days. You know what they say about things being too good to be true … And, as our luck would have it, no doctor was available to speak with us. We went home and did what no one should ever do in these situations: we Googled.

We can’t — we — both know what it’s like for your body to lose a pregnancy.


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