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Max and Carlina for example, with 11 children between them, thought that meeting a new partner was virtually impossible.But, thanks to the chat room and the bonding over a recipe, are now engaged and planning their wedding.Movies, plays, and concerts can also be good options as long as they're not epic-length or upsetting.

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For more relationship advice, including workshops and forums, head to, and don't forget to try your luck online with one of the many dating sites available.

You never know, you might meet the person of your dreams, or at least make a bunch of new friends.

And don't be afraid to meet people online, there are single parent support and social groups and then there are the online dating sites."Once thought to be sleazy or just for one-night-stand hook-ups, online dating has become one of the most popular ways for people to meet.

In fact, almost 10 percent of members on Adult Match Maker, Australia's largest adult dating site, are single parents.

"On our first post-baby date, we went to see , a creepy, close-to-three-hour-long movie that included a scene of a young child in danger. "But even though we were exhausted and missing the baby, it was worth it and very important to reconnect." There's nothing wrong with talking about the baby on your date, but stick to how cute her toes are, or how you can tell she's a genius by the way she smiles at the mobile.

Save concerns about spit-up and fussiness for non-date time.Date night is actually a good time to set aside baby concerns altogether – or at least as much as you can.One Baby Center member offers this advice, "My tip for new parents on date night is to make a rule that you're not allowed to talk about the kids.That way, you won't end up racing home in a panic because she was rocking the baby and didn't hear the phone.If you're bottle-feeding, leave the sitter with ample formula or pumped breast milk, clear instructions about how to warm it up, and bottles and nipples that match."My new granddaughter was crying her head off, and I couldn't find a nipple and ring to fit her bottle," says veteran grandmother Kathy Bradford.You and your partner may be so tired that all you feel like doing is slumping against each other while munching sandwiches on a park bench. If you're outdoorsy types, take a walk in the park.


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