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The Spode company is hundreds of years old, being solely owned by Josiah Spode I starting in 1776.This is one of the earliest Spode backstamps, dated around 1807, simply featuring the company name.The patterns were illustrated on various shapes and types of ware. There were several copies made but all the sets have not survived.

Here is another backstamp that came into use also around 1833. It has the Spode name again as an honor to the company's original owner.

The large letter C on the stamp is likely for Copeland, which also appears at the bottom.

The bold colorful pattern includes foliage and floral detailing in bright cornflower blue, buttercup yellow, forest green and rose pink.

Each piece is marked Copeland Spode England to the back, dating this set to circa 1891-1900.

This worked perfectly as the two drinks were not generally served at the same time and with no well in the saucer it could take the 2 different sizes with no problem.

Today (2017) saucer, teacup & coffee cup/can are often put together and described as a 'trio'.

This particular mark has the letter T and the number 23, a quick code dating it at August 1923.

Many of Spode's more recent backstamps are printed on to the pieces, such as this one, which is from 2003.

Includes twelve dinner plates, eleven saucers and two cups.

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