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Having not been aware of the Srebrenica genocide, this really helped us understand the guided tour better.If you have time before leaving, also listen to some of the stories in the small entry hall near the elevators, interviews from survivors that give more detailed insight into the realities of those days during the massacre and the war at large, and what life has been like since then.

It's not one of those cities that needed time to “grow on me” or left me undecided about whether I liked it or not.

From the moment we stepped out into the old city, it had me. One of the downsides of travelling full-time is that you can sometimes take what's around you for granted.

During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, many head to the fort with takeout to break fast where a cannon is set off to mark the end of daylight hours and fasting for the day.

One of the great things about Sarajevo is the mix of religions coexisting peacefully; the fact that you can find different religious buildings in close proximity to one another is relayed to visitors with much pride.

Fast forward to the end of the 20th century and the Balkans Wars, and you'll find yourself in the midst of the Siege of Sarajevo.

As a child in the 90's, I only knew the name Bosnia as one mentioned a lot in the news.

As we had some time before the next tour, we watched the video beforehand.

Unless you know about this massacre already, I'd actually recommend doing it this way if you can.

In events that could be mistaken for some kind of comedy sketch, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife Sophie, were assassinated on a public visit to Sarajevo by a chance shot given to a Serb assassin thanks to a wrong turn off the parade route home.

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