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There are some Vietnamese students in school you can flirt with. Some Vietnamese American men choose white girls for marriage. However, most guys choose Viet wives because they want to keep traditional custom.

American wives are nice and pretty but they don’t know how to eat ‘fish sauce’ or ‘nuoc mam’.

As you know, the Vietnamese men outnumber women so these ladies are proud of themselves.

They dream of marrying a high-level educated man, even though they are not high educated.

Some of them have to choose a wife who is not on educated. Unless they come back to Viet Nam and marry a girl there, which they don’t want to.

I have some male friends who work as a software engineers, their wives are nail technicians. Well, they can find a Vietnamese wife who have the same educated level as theirs, but the outlook is not there.

I am looking to move to Asia at the end of the year, and would like to make friends and also find potential romantic interests for when I move.

I'd like any recommendations for websites where American and other western men meet Vietnamese women. The only important thing to win her heart is the honest and loyalty, care and respect. If you try to show off your rich materials, then you will loose the game. Try to show her your care and the true love you are about to give her.Vietnam women are not weak or submissive as you think. I have known one Viet lady who lives in Las Vegas, California at Viet Single dating site.Vietnamese men have a hard time to find a decent wife in the United States of America or in other Western countries.One of the main reasons is that Vietnamese men outnumber women in these Western nations.I've seen but am not too impressed - although I've not signed up for a membership yet.

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