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Unsuccessful straplines, on the other hand, can invite ridicule, highlight a company’s failings, and ultimately damage the brand - like British Rail's ill-conceived 1980’s slogan "We are getting there".

A pun on transportation, it was intended to convey the idea that they were working on much-needed improvements to their service.

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Take Ronseal’s “does exactly what it says on the tin”, for example.

Not only did it nail exactly what you want from the product, it resonated so much with people that it became part of the lingo (the phrase was not in popular use until Ronseal’s 1994 campaign).

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It was home to the Cadbury's chocolate factory, Somerdale, which opened in 1935 as a major employer in the town.

It is home to Memorial Park, which is used for the annual town festival and several nature reserves.

However, the improvements weren’t visible to the naked eye and frequently BR's passengers weren't in fact getting anywhere.

As a result the slogan was heaped with ridicule and quietly retired shortly after.

Similarly Duracell’s “lasts longer” drives right to the heart of what you want from your batteries; and Pickfords “the careful movers” – describes what you want from the folks you’re trusting to pack and transport all your prized possessions across the country.

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