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Why, in virtually every commercial, are women either depicted as demure or childish, with the voices of pre-teens? They were everywhere back when we were still working on Saturdays, so, there wasn't much free time for touring around the island, then!

Is this a massive fail on the part of the multi-billion dollar PR industry, or have they actually done a bit of research? You don't think people are actually You have been permanently banned from this board.

(depends on what you mean by 'loud' - embarrassing no, outgoing/talkative/aggressive/a bit brash, yes).

I told you to do that", then we're gonna have a problem.

Of course that's true no matter the ethnicity or gender of the person.#10, depends what "consider the wishes of their parents" means.

The younger generation threads more gingerly and at the same time, are more adventurous. They are already opening up to living together before marriage, openly, for instance, but are more discrete if still in the one night stand circuit. Mafalda None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Kal El: I agree that the viewpoints are varied and that the dating scene is mostly universal. It makes me feel powerful."Sure, his English might have been a bit off in terms of what he really meant, but I think you get the point.

Out of sheer economic need, me thinks, as they still live with parents or can't get married for lack of funds. But at least here they still have that goal to settle down, even if it is after having fun. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Working with a lot of 20-something guys and girls and often having discussions about dating etc, once they start to trust me, the expectations and attitudes from guys and girls are pretty much the same as those in a western country.

My based on my limited experience and taken with a few pounds of salt since Icon belongs to a different generation and culture than average: I would dare to say the dating scene is somewhat tainted by cultural expectations.

Women can usually "astray" from their culture, being more open -in very general terms- to explore the confines of knowledge and culture, and hence in very general terms, more willing to engage with foreign guys.

Another (foreign) friend wouldn't have dated two Taiwanese guys who've both said they like her in part because she doesn't act like a 'typical girly girl'.

She drinks, smokes and is very sexually flamboyant.

I had one local guy try to date me in those first few months when I was single (poor fellow - I had no idea he was interested, and I was blinkered from being fresh off a hard break-up), one student tell me he loved me (and he meant it the way it came out) and a few guys who have obviously had crushes but never acted on them (thank goodness).

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