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Tuesday’s Budget contained no mention of the Tory election pledge to give tax breaks to married couples.

According to the ONS analysis of data from its monthly Labour Force Survey of 60,000 households, 3.8million children live with only one of their biological parents because they have a lone mother or their father or mother has left home.

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Dating services single parent meet

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There are 2.7million who live with a single mother and 200,000 with a lone father.

A further 500,000 are in cohabiting step-families, and 400,000 in married step-families.

The analysis said cohabiting women over 35 are 58 per cent more likely to have a child than wives of the same age.

But mothers aged 30-34 are 44 per cent more likely to be married.

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Ministers responded to the news of unchecked population growth – set to bring numbers in the country to 70million inside two decades – with fresh promises to cut immigration back to the levels of the 1990s.

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