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The Iranian ship is assumed to have been in operation under the command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as reported by defense personnel who have familiarity with the occurrence. Trump Refers To The USS Gerald Ford Carrier As A Symbol Of Power Commander In Chief Donald Trump is celebrating what he sets forth as America’s return to global military prominence.

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Over the years, it was the headquarters of multiple centers and commands in the US Army, dep...

Sprawling over 280,000 acres (or 1,100 square kilometers) in a very ideal location near the historic city of Savannah, Fort Stewart is located in the small town of Hinesville along the Canoochee River (which is 108 miles in length...

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Do not sign a lease until you have ensured the location’s Zoning District allows the business use, and that the building meets building and life safety code requirements for the proposed business use.

It is run by the US Army and located in Forest Park. This means there are particular facilities that the inhabitants o...

Fort Gordon – also referred to as Camp Gordon – is one of the oldest military establishments, dating since 1917.

There have been calls for such a weapon for many years, which is designed to replace the M249 Light Machine Gun.

[1] Today, we’ll take a look at why the new weapon is needed, and some of the design features that make it stand out.

The “Anywhere to Anywhere VA Health Care” initiative allows VA providers to treat veterans anywhere in the country using telehealth technology. I should preface this post by saying that I grew up in a family whose members served in active military duty.

My brother was a Marine during the Gulf War and our father was (“was” being the operative word) a proud soldier in the Vietnam War.

I’ll then give some thoughts on how the new weapon is likely to...

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