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and usually remain below 17 °C (63 °F) along most of the rest of the coast and outer coastal waters, although El Niño events may warm the waters somewhat.

This is due primarily to the extensive upwelling of colder sub-surface waters caused by the prevailing northwesterly winds acting through the Ekman Effect.

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A California hurricane is a tropical cyclone that affects the state of California.

Usually, only the remnants of tropical cyclones affect California.

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We have helped thousands of people meet women and men alike, and launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. Join Telegraph Dating now and let us help you find that special someone.When Nora was threatening, "unprecedented coordination" was required between the NHC and several other agencies. There are seven Pacific Coast breakpoints in the United States.They are, from north to south, Point Piedras Blancas, Point Sal, Point Conception, Point Mugu, the mouth of the San Gabriel River, San Mateo Point, and the mouth of the Tijuana River (although places outside this area can be selected if conditions warrant).When Linda was forecast to make landfall, statements about its possible impact were issued by the Oxnard, California office of the National Weather Service.They stressed the uncertainty of a forecast that far in the future.Hurricanes that affect California are mainly the remnants of hurricanes or tropical storms.


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