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Love was in the air, but logic ruled the day and I returned unengaged.Still determined to marry a feminine Russian wife, I traveled by train through Ukraine in 1999 and visited Saint Petersburg during White Nights in 2000.

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Thus, I openly share with you painful lessons learned and knowledge gained through pursuing marriage with Russian women since 1992.

Throughout this web site when the word Russian is used it refers to the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Ukraine, etc.).

Also, when I refer to America, I am referring to my home country.

Simply substitute your home country and the topic will apply.

The journeys were wonderful visiting different cities and meeting beautiful Russian women, but a serious commitment of marriage was not forthcoming.

It is often said the best lessons in life are the hardest to learn.

I strongly encourage you to visit other sites to obtain a different perspective on the process.

In comparison, I think you will find Dating Russian Women offers a direct no-frills approach designed to save you time and money.

It implies free, unrestricted yet consensual sex among a group of people.

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