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That’s one hundred percent true." So that ’s a pickup line that’s going to work. Jessimae: The problem is, women are a little bit more poetic with their words, I think, and men are just a little bit more black and white.

Women will be like, "Ooh, I can’t wait for you to come over later.

A first date can go very wrong if you accidentally choose a loud, crowded, fluorescent-lit cocktail bar with stools so narrow and uncomfortable you spend the entire time shifting your body weight and apologizing to the other patrons you keep elbowing.

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Go for something casual: a dive bar or something that’s one step up from a dive bar.

A place where you’ll be at ease, without too much noise or crazy lighting.

We polled the GQ staff for their eating and drinking rules on early dates. This is not the time to check out that hip, new restaurant you’ve been eyeing.

This is not the time for a fancy cocktail bar where it’s way too easy to get plastered.

Here’s their advice for Carly Aquilino: The pickup line that works is, like, when guys are just nice and giving you compliments.

When they’re like, "Hi, your hair looks good today." "Hi, I like those shoes." But then they also might be gay, but—it doesn’t matter. Because when you try, you end up looking like a fool, and we both feel awkward, and now I have to tell you to walk away.

We tapped the two comediennes—performing together on Saturday as part of the New York Comedy Festival a.k.a.

five days worth of the biggest comedy names taking stages all over the city—to lend us their funny for a good cause: your dating life.

So she answers the phone, and she heard what my text message was, and it literally was like, _[adopts robot voice] _"Come over and put your dick inside of me."Jessimae: Make me laugh, and if he’s taking you out, doing something different.


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