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Termination A user's RU-VPN2 Overseas profile will expire after its expiry date.

In addition, at any given time, Help Desk should be able to terminate an active profile right away.

Users can extend the profile for up to another 30 days (1 month) from the day of the extension.

This extension will happen immediately without approval, however a notification will be sent to the approver.

You must also prove that you have sufficient funds for your trip.

an entry visa to the Russian Federation provided that: 1) The stay of the cruise ship in the Russian port will not exceed 72 hours (excluding cases of force-majeure when the ship is being repaired or by other reasons beyond control cannot leave the Russian port); 2) Passengers are staying on board the ship at nights; 3) Passengers are only allowed to visit territories, defined by the group tourist program; 4) To leave the board of the ship without an entry visa to the Russian Federationforeign citizen must be included in the list of passengers, allowed to do so.

All data transmissions are “encrypted” so that they cannot be read while traveling across the Internet.

Request an RU-VPN2 ID by completing the online form, then download and install the software from the Software Download section. This profile will enable users of RU-VPN2 to access all internet services like Google from overseas countries, where such access may be blocked, through Ryerson's secure private network.

Users can request for an extension through Self Service module (my.ryerson) or by contacting Help Desk.

For longer than 6 months extensions, a new request needs to be made as shown in How to Apply section.

.ch, uk, .de, .es, .fi, uk, uk, – The expiration date remains the same.

.berlin, .eu, .io, .me, .ruhr, – One year is added to the old expiration date.

Please be advised, that you should try to settle the issue with your cruise company prior to departure to avoid misunderstanding.

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