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Of course, everyone was thrilled and moved when Ms. Lea Salonga sang --- "A Whole New World," with Christian Bautista. And thdt'% not atl: Ocean thr M in a cas&etlc soundtratk whith ha^to be one of the mo*t,*ilir Ki-blowiiig pieces d4 %u*pc I ve e ver heard".»llifi|: 30 graphics, the niatl ATARI ST CBM AMIGA K ROBOCOP : dragon^inj Am i voyager 1bl^f»h©ne*0eii852 9933 'TI(e? Shoot ihrou^ (he «ggiheti 4nd « ^Mestkvi mark appcarsi, which, if you're bcky, IS part of the heat shield. UPDATI Tony Crowther h Mho progrmmtn'mg tht Amfgi ttnl ST versions o/Fho Ub, ¥fhtdt wilt ketp Che trnme gamtpt My. Senk difftrtnet$ *p*ft, the ST End /kmig M iftniatii ihouldhok id€ntk*i tti Mnkt Co further UMtffthtf Jl tahurt trktc on tht ST, *iui both vtn'totrt mre due at the end of June, priced £24.9^. CHECK OUT THE NAMES I ] MM it M i Mu M am **u«i ( ' I Mpijk OT )*■« h«« Am H " CJUWBIIIIK»KSl-ti«i. ««( «Mmm ^» i M i" ' I iv M* jk Mv sv Mkit till mi utni Dt KVON A CAAHWAI.

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[email protected], Ctieques and Postal Ofdors made payable to System Three Software Limited. N^^ THE FUTURE OF CONSOLES IS IN YOUR HANDS I a lun* Hlntai Mlo console In toivit. m STORV J t-a 4 ^ A J op, Ciackdowti, taet month and thought tt WIS praity ruddy good. US Gcdd rang tip to lay thai they had just bought the nghts to the imdiinet and that ARCre^omiblftf Ofthe bn Htaiti Fovgonao Worids go KVVgnia M, had already work on itl Unnatural and uncanny nwhal? * AME TIPS ^/////J"/////////// WONDER- BOY Those who alii I play this scrolling platform game, might btlntarested in the cheat fl HMle, whtcti wa« sent in by Adsm Edwards of Stourt Kidge, W IMids.

f am a Pff OUO ownef of a Sega and f feet 3H*w monwn( you afe f XK doling us Justice, *ven though you're the best mag for us cof^ole owners. CHAN AND CHAN 6Oa,l00Julian Rignal L C VG DRUNKEN MASTER 974,700 Jasper flotjerts, West Croydon DRAGON SPIRIT 51 5,720 Dave Rose, Boceham Wood. Definitely art exercise invaiving as rnuch cerehnil tfcttvity as foysiick dexterity My penonat game oi the month" (Uyne Wtsf) ST AMIGA FORMAT October 1988 "HOSTACi S manages lo rftrrtivety capture the edgy realism of an armed siege ... should prot^e ^ satisfying challenge for quite some Ume" ACE December 198& 'fun to play ard wilf have vou on the edge of your seat..," THE GAMES MACHINE December 1988 The action in HOSTAGES really gets the adrenalin going.

The show was very engaging and the production was excellently executed that would make one think he/she is transported to Disneyland, no kidding. While almost everyone was shouting their favorite finalist, Ms. Some of the girls shed happy tears on stage because what happened was really, really unexpected. :) And speaking of a happy night, prior to the concert, Viva Manilena partnered with Globe Telecom and the Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNet) and hosted a raffle for Viva Manilena's readers.

Lea Salonga mentioned each of the six finalists name and guess what? And not only that, all of them will travel together to Tokyo for the premier of Beauty and The Beast. Five lucky winners were chosen and each of them can bring a friend to watch the Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream concert.

Tiw reason thar I an writing to you for is to congratulate the entif e team at C VG for cfumtng out such a sionking good mag every montii i Konldng 3pparet% deing the 'in' word to use when writing to C VG) M/STAi RHOMAN. THUNDERBLAOE 2,588.000 Nicholas Joy, Market Hartwrough WONDEHBOY (MONSTERLAND) 1.802.320 Darren Frands. Watch | it hit the top, VOYAGER: Thit filled-;^ t«iik game i Nxitd mmble up the dhartt.

WE^TCUFF-ON-SBA YOB; ff you'd ashed' you woufdn t have got. Dear rob, I've been doing a btt of philosophy about (he nature of girnie programrwefs^ ar»d fheart Ql making games. OUTSIDE BET Bi O CHALUNGB Weird wonda Hul — could be a hit! ar Hdl Car- Populous takes the number one position by divine right, while F- W C0ttibat Pilot leap- frogs F$lcvn to become the top gun flight simulatiort. TJME SCANNEB: Activlsion't tr»d« ptnball gama should roll up the charts.

Ii your narna on ttf MONEY OFF COUPONS 24 Sav B kutd* ar( caah on gamat Itk* Xaf HMi and Doubta Dragon with C - VO'f maga coupom. Wa i ar« tal Wing bat w aan £7 and ll Oof your iiti(b.biitin Mt «4»f 1 **m^i4n| hh •^^^1 Mthct en -putxi* ' ^^^1 l--^^VM^ Tahti Dm Iro Mtl ! EDITORIAL AND ADVERTISEMENT OFFICES: Pribry Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London ECl 3AU. What a (hame we can t gel rid of pa«h#Uc IJtt IC pirates tlhc you. itmoipherk mtak and * very good htftmetiott m Mnuaf^ but gam*pt*)f, whkh on oee Mtkm Is » tittie tedious, lets the tide down somewhat \ OVSf Ml 77% i i« Brr uicin«B8 succ Esam .

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