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Love is in the air in February, when Valentine's Day shouts its presence.

(Terri Colby)So there you go: Block your feelings while traveling, and your relationship is doomed.

You meet other amazing, beautiful people with whom you want to work things out, but it never happens because something is off.

You can't just say, “I wish you the best” and move on.

You can't end that chapter because you know you can't quit them. And then, you are thrust into what I like to call “love purgatory.”It's a place where you know who the love of your life is, but you aren't currently together.

Why, in a world full of billions of other people, are you allowing one to keep holding you back. Some people meet someone, date, fall in love and live happily ever after. Some of us have to fight, breakup, makeup and go through hell with our person until it finally works out. Maybe you have to learn and grow more before you can settle down.

Whatever the problem is, you know that eventually, the two of you will find each other again. Big, Allie and Noah and all the great love stories from movies and television, there are just some people who you can't let go of and never will.

You don't just sit around and listen to sad music and wait though.

You find distractions and push away what you feel in order to be a sane enough human being to function in life.

Eventually, that former lover will become a distant memory. This breakup happened with a person who, no matter what you do, you cannot get over.

Not a day goes by that this person doesn't cross your mind and your heart feels heavy.

And a pair of therapists who specialize in relationships — and who happen to be married — say that's true. Steve and Cathy Brody, both in private practice in Cambria, Calif., and co-authors of "Renew Your Marriage at Midlife," agreed that traveling with a partner likely will offer clues to his or her most important attributes."In travel, we have more things to negotiate," said Steve Brody, a clinical psychologist.

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